Training courses
454 EDI Services (454) offers training courses that provide a panoramic view of how all the parts of your EDI / collaborative commerce system fit together. We aim to make sure participants develop the knowledge and skills to ensure that your organisation gets the best value from its system.

Training is an integral activity when implementing any new process or procedure in a business and EDI is no exception. If you have invested in EDI you will want to maximise the value of that investment and will want to know if you are getting the most out of it.

If your system is based on in-house software, a hosted application or you have outsourced your system to an EDI Managed Service provider, we can tailor a course for your organisation around the EDI system it has implemented. Your operational teams will be able to understand how the system works and how they will benefit from it in their daily operations. Your technical teams will understand how the system works, what tools they have access to in order to maintain and ensure that your processes are working as they should, that they are able to manage any changes in your (or your trading partner’s) business process or what to do when things don’t quite go to plan.

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454 Training Highlights

Training features
– Implementations – Applications, Processes or Messages

– Migrations – Software, VAN, Communications, Data Standard

– Upgrades – Software, Hardware, EDI data Standard

– Staff turnover, cross-training and retraining

Whether it is providing that “Eureka” moment in your understanding of EDI, the role it plays in your business processes or maybe tackling specific system issues, we aim to deliver exactly the right level of training, at the right pace to suit your needs. We aim to broaden your technical skills and share industry best practices with you to help you realise the full potential of your EDI system. Our training courses can be held at your premises or at our training facility in Hersham.

Looking for more information? If we have inspired you with ideas and would like to see how using 454 can add value to your business or perhaps you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to working with you!