Assessment and recommendations
454 EDI Services (454) have worked on many EDI and collaborative commerce initiatives and are able to help you on all aspects of such implementations.

Our unbiased assessment and recommendations aim to provide our clients with the right solutions in order to solve the business issues they want to address through the use of EDI and collaborative commerce technologies.

Implementing any EDI or collaborative commerce solution need not be difficult and the benefits can be substantial. There are a large number of choices to be made such as the business objectives, the size and scope of project, the applications to be used, the organisational and business involvement; and that’s without considering the technical stuff like EDI VAN’s, Internet Communications, security, EDI data standards and regulatory compliance. There is very little room for error in your EDI implementation project.

With a carefully considered implementation plan, your EDI initiative could be a great asset; one which will deliver the improvements and cost benefits to your business and that of your partners. Our Professional Services team can implement your EDI project and help you quickly add more value to your business, taking care of everything you need to develop, launch and manage your initiative with minimal in-house effort.

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454 Implementation Services highlights

Implementation features
– Develop a strategy and Implementation plan to meet the requirements

– Define realistic, quantifiable objectives and mutual benefits for the participants

– Project Management and Co-ordination

– Vendor selection; Software, Network, Insourcing vs. outsourcing and costings

– On-boarding of Trading Communities

– Participant Training and documentation

– Software installation and configuration Services

Looking for more information? If we have inspired you with ideas and would like to see how using 454 can add value to your business or perhaps you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to working with you!