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To compete tomorrow, today’s businesses are looking to meet their customer’s demands quicker than ever. Delivering the right product to the right place at the right place is tougher when trying to shorten lead times to gain that competitive advantage. Suppliers looking to improve their Order-to-Cash cycle and Buyers making efficiencies in their Purchase-to-Pay Cycle both need to collaborate to reach their goals.

Processes such as Purchasing, Order management, Shipping, Receiving, Inventory management, Invoicing, Remittances and Payments can be automated, accelerated and made more accurate by the exchange of  data using EDI.

In the age of the Internet, XML, APIs and digital signatures, the fundamental principles of EDI are still there and 454’s expertise can help you make the most of it.

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Consultancy Services

Client focused knowledge transfer
EDI Consultancy
454’s experience in EDI projects ensures that your company can choose the right EDI solution for your business. We will also work with your trading community and their EDI providers to maximise the success of your EDI initiative.
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From Project management, Mapping and Network Migration to rollout and partner onboarding, 454 can help you reduce the time for the implementation cycle of your EDI project,
EDI Training.
Maximise your investment in EDI by training your staff to better use, maintain and adapt your EDI solution to your company’s processes. From the fundamentals of EDI, the EDI standards used to EDI’s interactations with your in-house systems.
EDI Support
Whether you have an on premise EDI solution, a Managed EDI Service or a combination of both, we can support your business, so that you can continue with your core business activities while taking advantage of the benefits your EDI system brings.

EDI Resources

What is EDI and how can it help your business
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What is EDI?
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of standard business documents, such as Purchase Orders and Invoices between trading partners, sent in an agreed electronic format, across a secure connection.
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Benefits of EDI
EDI improves business processes thanks to the shortening of time cycles in the exchange and processing of data that drive processes on both sides of the business relationship. Find out how EDI can benefit your business by contacting 454 today.

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